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For the options you have for your products, you can either let the theme attempt to choose a suile button for you, or you can upload an that represents that . The deult s are irly generic and may not match the s of your products very well. In addition, if your s have odd names, the script may not be able to select an appropriate because it looks for specific names. For example, if one of your products comes in the Granite, the theme will not know what to assign to it. In this case, the deult is used which is the same as the primary you selected elsewhere in theme options. If this is a problem for you, its best to upload your own swatch s.

The search settings controls how your search results will look after someone runs a search on your site. There are three different options to choose from.

This is a multipurpose links widget that can the contents of any link list you specify.  As a reminder, you can setup a link list by clicking the

again, without the quotes.  Pretty , right?

The ShowTime theme supports two rows of promotional banners for your home.  You can choose to show both rows, show only the first row, or hide them altogether.

TheFooter Mainsection contains four customizable buckets of content.  Setting this section up is very straightforward. You also decide if you want to show the payment methods you accept in this area. If you choose to show the payment methods, the methods you accept will automatically show based on your payment settings in Shopify.

To use the product review integration, you first need to install the application. To do so, follow these instructions

Check this box if you want to this slide. The theme provides support for up to seven slides but you do not need to use all of them.

Once youve finished installing the theme, its time to start customizing. To access the Theme Settings, simply click the Themes link in the lefthand navigation in your Shopify dashboard, then click the Customize theme button in the upper righthand corner.

will repeat the horizontally across the screen, while

Shopify has added a new feature to all of their stores international language support.  And guess what?  The ShowTime theme fully supports it!

Setting up the featured products section is very straightforward. If enabled, this section will automatically show products from the collection you specify in an attractive carousel that expands or collapses based on the of the viewers screen.  You can provide a custom title for this section by visiting thetheme Languagessettings in your Shopify dashboard.

field.  It doesnt appear all on one line, so make sure you get it all.

In the fourth column, you can choose whether or not you want to the MailChimp newsletter signup form and/or the social media icons.  The social icons are populated automatically based on the links you provided in theSocial Mediasection of the settings.

Lets look at how to setup our options in this area.  Firstly, we can choose whether or not we want this section to appear at all.  If you dont, simply uncheck the box titledShow footer call to action area?and move on.  If you do want to show this section, there are four sections of options to setup.  Each of them offer identical options.

To upload your swatch s, follow these instructions

As you can see in the example above, there are some tags applied Blue and Orange, and a brand tag Varadini applied to this product.  If I wanted to filter my products by the Blue, I would need to add the Blue tag to any product that is blue.  Likewise, if I wanted to filter my products by the brand Varadini, I would need to add that tag to those products as well.

Congratulations!  Youve setup your collection filters.  Lets tackle the product next.

One of the great features built into the ShowTime theme is product video support.  By utilizing this option, you can include videos from YouTube or Vimeo as part of your regular product gallery!  You can have as many videos is youd like in your gallery, and setting them up is easy.  Lets get started.

This setting will results search results from not only your product s, but also from your blog posts and s as well.  They will be ed in a list format with one result per line.  This is a more comprehensive search option, but can sometimes show your customers unexpected results if you have a lot of /blog content.

If you check this option, the of product will show up in small below the title of the product in the grid.  This is set in your Shopify dashboard on the product .

The options in this section are pretty selfexplanatory but lets take a moment to examine the difference between theContent Areasettings other  settings.  The options in the Content Area pertain to and other elements that appear outside the white container boxes that make up most of the content on the theme.  This includes things like the home calltoaction section, the breadcrumb, titles, and a few other elements.  Any s you choose here should contrast with the you choose so the is visible.  For example, if you set your to black or another dark , you should set your and other s to white or another light .

Optionally show your social media icons below your newsletter signup form.  You can configure your social media channels in your theme settings.  See theSocial Mediasection of this documentation for more information.

After installation, you may be prompted to setup the app by modifying your theme files.

this option determines whether or not the threedigit currency code will appear after all of the prices in your shop.

New in version . of the theme is the option to select a blog layout. The choices here are standard fullwidth, column masonry and column masonry. Utilizing the masonry layouts allows your blog posts to be ed stacked in columns and they fill in to fill empty space between posts. Note that even if you choose a column masonry layout, on smaller devices, it will deult to two columns in order to adequately fit the .

The main heading that will appear on your slide. Try to limit this to no more than words.

The rest of the options for your collection s have to do with the sidebar.  If you choose to show the sidebar, we have created several widgets that you can enable in your sidebar to help your site visitors get around.  You can provide titles for these widgets by visiting thetheme languagesettings in your Shopify dashboard.  If you wish, you may also disable the sidebar and the product grid will take up the full width of the .  Available sidebar widgets include

Lets begin by taking a look at the anatomy of the home.  It consists of five main areas theSlider,Promotional Banners,Call to Action Section,Page Content, andFeatured Products.  This will help you visualize it

Defines the number of seconds after the user visits your site that the popup will wait to .

TheCart currency noteis also shown in this screenshot, but this note isnt setup here.  This is tied to your currency settings.  For information on how to set this up, refer to theGlobal Settingsportion of this documentation.

In addition to the sidebar widgets available on your collection s that we already discussed in theCollections Page section, there are several ways you can allow customers to filter products on your collection s. The options are

We only have a few options for the Blog s, so lets take a look at the options real quick.

Things are getting a little easier now, right?

When a user clicks on a filter, the will become bold and it will be outlined to indicate that the filter is active.   Pretty spiffy…

Editing the settings is as straightforward as typing into each of the boxes.  There are s at the top of the screen that allow you to access translations for different areas of your store.

If you purchased the theme directly from our site and already have a store setup on Shopify, simply login to your admin area and clickThemesin the left navigation menu. From there, clickUpload a themein the upperright corner of the screen. A window will appear. Click theBrowsebutton and navigate to theshowtime.zipthat you downloaded from our site.

On the YouTube website, visit the for your desired video, rightclick on the video player itself and simply choose

This method also uses product tags along with link lists to create up to two filtering options for your products. If you dont need more than two filters and are using s for one of your filters, this method has a more modern look and feel. See a demo of this methodhere. Learn how to set this method up below.

functionality. Here is where you enable it. If you choose product quick view here, a button will appear when you hover over the product s on your collection that says Quick View. When this is clicked, a modal popup will appear showing the product featured , a truncated version of the product description, and the ability to choose your options and add the product to the cart. The other option here is the

Note thatPage Contentisnt ed because were not using it in the demo.  Well walk through each section now.

If you wish, you may choose to show a in the areas that surround the main content.  To do so, check theUse a ?checkbox and browse for the file.  There are several options for the appearance of your

Choose whether or not you want to caption on this slide.

For example, if you have a called Dj Vu Blue, then name your dejavublue.png

If this link will be a standard link with no dropdown menu, enter the link URL in the

The ShowTime theme includes a beautiful Contact Us template that features a working contact form and an optional Google Map to show your store location.  Lets look at how to get it setup.

Provide the link URL for where this calltoaction should take you.

This is pretty .  Do you want the popup to ?

Basically, its an easy way for shop owners to translate the content of their store into other languages.  There is a new section in the Shopify dashboard where you can edit translations for a wide variety of and HTML blocks throughout your store.  By simply entering in various boxes, you can make it much easier for international customers to navigate your store.

The first step required to filter your products with the Advanced tag filter is to tag your products with the filters you want to use.  To add tags to your products, navigate to theProductssection in your Shopify dashboard and click on the product you wish to edit.  From there, scroll down and locate theTagssection as shown in the screenshot below.

To use your own swatches, you need to upload an that is approximately x pixels in . It must be in .png format and must follow a strict naming convention. The must be named after the option andmust be all lowercase.

The other options here are pretty basic. Lets run through them

menu, you will fill in the options for columns and .  You will only need to make selections for all four columns if youre creating a

Once the file finishes uploading, theShowTimetheme will show up as an unpublished theme. To activate it, click thePublishbutton. A new window will appear asking if you want to replace your current theme. Dont worry!  Your old theme will not be deleted, it will just be set as inactive.  Click thePublishbutton to continue.

Enter the you want to use for the first menu item in the

Choose an icon to in this section.  There are hundreds to choose from in the FontAwesome library, and you cansee them all here.  Next to each icon is a small string of that begins with followed by the name of the icon.  To choose your icon, enter the name of the icon without the string.  So for example, if you wanted to use the magic wand icon from the screenshot below, you would simply enter

If you find that the navigation button that appears next to your logo on mobile devices is not lined up vertically with your logo, you can adjust this setting to add some top padding.

Basically, there are four different sidebar widgets you can on your standard sPage links,Collections,Blog Posts, andSalewidgets.  You can provide custom titles for these widgets by visiting thetheme Languagessettings in your Shopify dashboard. The sidebar can also be disabled on standard s if you so choose.  Lets take a look at what each widget does and how to set it up.

In various locations throughout the theme, youll notice newsletter sign up forms.  If you wish to use this functionality, you must provide your form action URL.  This is a special URL that is custom to your MailChimp account. For instructions on how to find your form action URL,follow this link.

The ShowTime theme has builtin support for Shopifys new variant s functionality.  This functionality allows you to assign a different to each available variant you specify for your products.  This is useful if you want to show the appropriate when a customer chooses a variant like a blue dress, for example.  To learn more about how to setup your variants with s,check out this in the Shopify manual.  Once you setup your variant s and a customer chooses that particular variant, the in your product gallery will automatically change to that .

To populate the four columns, youll begin by providing heading and choosing whether or not you want to show a Shopify link list or regular for each of the first three columns.  If you elect to use a link list, the will not show. You can also use HTML if youre comforle with it.Here is a guidethat will help you do basic things with HTML, like add links, paragraphs, bulleted lists, decorations, etc.

Shopify has tight integration withMailChimp, which is an excellent service that allows you to create a mailing list and reach out to your customers. MailChimp has multiple pricing tiers, including one that is free and still offers a lot of functionality.

You can have up to four s on your product s, and the content for each is populated using content from a standard you create in the Shopify dashboard.  If youre using Product Reviews support, the first is reserved for that.  Simply give it an appropriate title in thetheme languagesettings.  You can ignore the option for that particular because it will have no effect.

The sale widget is a multipurpose products widget that you can use to products from any collection you specify.  You can also choose how many products you want to show in this widget.

button if you wish to upload your own logo for your store. PNG files are recommended and the maximum dimensions are

This section contains fields to enter your stores link to many different Social Media sites. These links are used to the social media icons in the footer of all your sites s, as well as in the custom entry popup if you choose to enable it. The most popular sites for ecommerce stores have been selected for you. Simply paste in the links for the networks you use. If you dont have an account at a particular network, just leave the field blank and that icon will not .

The ShowTime theme includes several options to help you setup your collection s, but before we go over them, lets talk a bit about some builtin Shopify functionality for Collection s.

This section provides options for your sites header , top bar, header and logo.

If you wish, you can set , , link, and other s for your header and footer independently from other s on the site.  These options are straightforward but I will make mention of theborder setting since its function may not be completely obvious.  This setting controls the separators between links in the header, and the border that surrounds the four calltoaction icon boxes in the footer.

Likewise, if you wish to your company email address, check the box and enter it here.

Another example, if your is Blue/Gray, then name your bluegray.png.

With ShowTimes advanced navigation functionality, you can create a custom mega menu for your navigation bar.  What is a mega menu?  Well, instead of a single column dropdown menu, you can have up to four columns of links appearing under each heading.

If you wish, you can the contents of any youve created in your Shopify dashboard on the home. To create a , click thePageslink in the main menu of your dashboard and click theAdd a Pagebutton in the upper righthand corner. Showing content on the home is turned off in the demo.

allows your customers to get an estimated shipping cost for their order without going through the checkout process.  It utilizes the shipping options you have setup in your

widget allows you to show links from any link list you choose.  Remember, you can add link lists in your Shopify dashboard in the

It will prompt you to enter the URL for your Shopify store to complete installation you may also be required to login to your account

.Visit this linkto see a listing of all the supported currency codes.  All the codes you enter here will show in the dropdown box at the top of all your store s.

When you complete your theme purchase at the Shopify Theme Store, the theme is generally installed for you automatically.  You can navigate to theThemessection of your Shopify dashboard to verify this.  If ShowTime is not listed as the active theme, scroll down and see if its inactive.  If so, you can activate it and continue.

We need to provide the that will appear in each of these boxes.  For best results, limit your here to words and try to keep it consistent for all four sections.  We need to make sure there is enough room for the icon and it will look better if the doesnt wrap differently in each.

This will show an input field where a user enters their email address to sign up for your MailChimp newsletter.

a mega menu with four evenly ided columns spanning the width of the .

Login to your Shopify dashboard and click on the

Repeat steps and until you have uploaded all your s.

You might be thinking…I have hundreds of products in my store already.  It will take forever to add these new tags!  Well, thats true if you do it manually.  Luckily, Shopify has some options to help automate the process.  You canexport your products to a CSV file, add the tags quickly in Excel or equivalent, andreimport them back into Shopify.  This should save some time.  Heresanother tutorialthat you might find useful on the subject.

With your product tagging and link lists done, youre in the home stretch.  You just need to setup your theme settings and youll be ready to roll!

The final settings area well look at in theme settings is the Checkout settings.  These settings apply when your customer is ready to make their purchase and enters the Shopify checkout system.

With our created and the proper template selected, lets take a look at the theme settings for the contact .

, the will appear once and will not repeat.  If the content of the is longer than the of the , the you specified above will be ed.

Enter a short sentence describing your here. This is useful for search engine optimization as well as users who may have turned off s in their browser.

These options are great, but if youd really like to take your product filtering to the next level, youll love the advanced filtering features built into ShowTime.  Ready to get them setup?  Lets begin…

Your product is the gateway to sales, so were pretty proud of some of the options weve built into ShowTime to help you get your products sold!

The ShowTime theme is a fullwidth template, so the selection applies only to areas that surround the white main content boxes.

This is a custom message that appears below the heading.  You can use regular or basic HTML in here if youre comforle with it.

If enabled, a small dropdown menu will appear in the topright corner of all of your s allowing users to change the ed currency.

section.  This could be useful for things like your return policy, shipping information, etc.

This option shows overlay buttons when you hover over products on the collection .

To access the presets, youll see them in theTheme Settingsarea on the righthand side.  When you choose a preset, all the theme options will fill in for you automatically to match that particular preset.  Obviously, youll still need to go in and customize them to match your particular store, but they provide a great start by filling in combinations and other options.

If enabled, other products from the currents product collection will be ed at the bottom of your product in an attractive carousel.  To use this, simply click theEnable related products?checkbox.  You can provide a custom title for this section by visiting thetheme Languagessettings in your Shopify dashboard.

Click the browse button to upload your slideshow . Remember to use highresolution s if possible.

In this section, you choose the s for your site. The includes s for sections like the top bar and footer, as well as s. Lets explore the options

Important Note Much of the information on this is outdated and will not apply to current versions of ShowTime. Please see oursupport knowledgebasefor the most recent documentation.

There are just a few settings for the cart but they are important. It might be easiest if we can visualize it.  Lets take a look.

The majority of the translations in this area wont require any editing on your part.  However, you can use this area to setup custom titles for various sections of your site.  We use this area mainly for titlingsidebar widgets,product s, and somesection headingsthroughout the site.  If youre expecting to find title settings for a particular area, this is a good place to look.  Weve provided notes in the other sections of this documentation when youll need to make changes in this area.

will repeat the vertically.  These options are best for repeale patterns.  Choosing

If you wish to avoid Google s, you can select a standard web safe from this dropdown. This setting is ignored if you choose Google Web Fonts as the Heading Font Rendering above.

With the application installed, all you need to do is enable this functionality in your theme settings.  Click the checkbox next toEnable product reviewsand the theme will do the rest.

To use videos as part of your product gallery, you need to do three things.Get the embed codefor your video from YouTube or Vimeo,upload a product photoas normal preferably with some indication that it will link to a video, andedit that photos ALT in your Shopify dashboard.

Lets move on to options for standard s next.

menu.  Otherwise, you can ignore the additional options.

This will only product results when someone searches your site.  They will be ed in a list format similar to a collection that has had the list view setting applied.  In other words, it will show one product per line.  Again, standard pagination rules apply.

The other settings you specify pertain to all the and other elements that appear within the white content boxes.  This will include most of the content on the site for s, buttons, product content, etc.  Text here should contrast with a white , so choose darker s for optimal visibility.

TheCall to Actionsection consists of a large block of , a button, and a large .

If you elect to use Google Web Fonts for your headings, youll select the you want to use here.Here is a linkthat allows you to preview the Google s.

ShowTime comes with three different header s. You can choose the one that best suits your needs in the theme settings area.  See below for a screenshot and brief description of each

The contact is ided into two main columns.  The left hand column is for general information and any other content you want on the contact .  This is populated using the standard content you specify in your Shopify dashboard for the Contact .  The right hand column contains the contact form.  It will send an email to the main email address you have on file within your Shopify settings when someone fills out the form.   You can provide custom titles for these columns by visiting thetheme Languagessettings in your Shopify dashboard.

Before we start talking about setting up custom filters, its worth mentioning that the theme already has some irly robust product sorting/filtering options built in.  You dont need to adjust any settings to get these working they are enabled by deult!

Setting up the banners is irly straightforward, though there are some dimensional requirements that should be adhered to.  The banners should be at least wide to ensure top quality on all devices.  You can use any you wish for all the banners, but for layout consistency, you should keep the s in each row the same .  In the demo, we used x s for the first row and x s for the second row.  Dont worry the theme will them down to fit in the layout if they are larger but please be mindful of file .

Product, , and blog results in list format

The home is generally the first visitors to your site will see, so make it count! This section of the theme is probably the most timeconsuming to setup, but we wanted to make sure it was extremely flexible and gave you all the options you need to really stand out. Lets roll up our sleeves and dig in!

With product s, you can present a lot of information to your customers without taking up a lot of space on your product s.  Showing the product s is optional, but if you use the Product Review integration, you will need to enable them.

This value should match the deult currency you use in your store.  It will be chosen in the dropdown as the deult currency. You can set your stores deult currency in the Shopify dashboard.  To do so, click

button. Give it a name that is easy for your to remember and create your links. Once your link list is created, it will appear in the dropdown menu here. For more information on how to work with link lists, seethis Shopify documentation .

menu within your Shopify Dashboard and takes into account the location, weight, and other applicable features to help the customer determine shipping costs.  The screenshot below shows a sample output from the calculator.  It requires no setup on your part, so its very easy to use!

This option will automatically stretch the to fit the full width of the users screen.  It will also remain in a fixed position in spite of scrolling.  To utilize this option, the recommended is at least wide x high.

The number you should enter here varies wildly depending on the of your logo. Its best to just use trial and error when trying to determine this. Start by entering a number here say, , narrowing your browser window, and checking the alignment. If the icon needs to move down more, increase the number.

If this is selected, the will remain in place even when the user scrolls around the .

The home slideshow allows you to add up to five slides that will automatically rotate at the top of the screen. These s fill the full width of the users screen regardless of the of their monitor, so youll want to upload highresolution s for these. We recommend at least wide. For best results, keep all your slider s the same aspect ratio the demo uses s that are x .  If youre using on your slides, youll also set it up in this area.  Keep in mind that if you use a lot of in associate with narrower s, the may get cut off on different devices.  All the fields are optional, so you could, for example just use the Title and Subtitle fields, while keeping the extra field blank.

Each column of your mega menu is just ing an inidual link list.  Therefore, the first step to creating a mega menu is to create all the link lists you need.  To create a link list, head over toNavigationin the Shopify dashboard.  All your link lists will be ed here.  Click theadd a link listbutton to get started.  If youre new to creating link lists in Shopify,heres a refresher guide.

Lets take a look at the theme settings and options for the collections .

Out of the box, Shopify doesnt support product reviews.  Luckily, theyve released a free application that adds this functionality to your store.  Although its pretty easy to integrate into most themes, youre normally still required to get your hands dirty by editing some code in your theme templates.  The ShowTime theme includes integration with this application, andweve done all the code/template editing for you!  All you have to do is install the application and youre good to go.

The summary that will appear on your slide. Try to limit this to no more than one paragraph.

To access your language settings, click theThemeslink in the left hand menu of your Shopify dashboard.  If ShowTime is enabled, click the button with the three dots in the upperright corner of your screen and chooseEdit languagesee screenshot to the right.

If you wish to show your company phone number in your top bar, click the checkbox and enter the number in the field.

Here is an overview of the options you can add to each slide in your slideshow

The ShowTime theme includes coding for CSS animations throughout the site. For example, some elements slide or roll in, and other elements appear as you scroll down the . You can enable or disable these animation effects using this setting.  Animations can add some eye candy to your site at the expense of slightly longer load times.  Youll want to consider your sites demographic and decide if you wish to enable them.

TheLink/Button hover is the that will appear when you hover over most links and buttons. Note that these s are overwritten in some areas of the site.

you can ignore the heading for Column box because standard dropdowns dont headings.  If it will be a

In this section, you can choose the s and ces you want to use in your headings and standard throughout the site.

Definies the number of days before the same customer will see the popup box again when visiting your site.

Our documentation is meant to be as userfriendly as possible.  Please use the navigation up top to get around.  It may all seem daunting, but weve covered everything thoroughly and also have some video tutorials that should make things easier for you.  If you get stuck, you can check out ourextensive knowledgebaseandFAQsections for answers to common questions, orsubmit a support request.  Thanks again for your interest and we hope you enjoy the theme!

will your prices with just the appropriate currency symbol and the price e.g. ..

There is also a Shopify support document that explains this process.Check it out here.

a mega menu with two evenly ided columns spanning the width of the .

This kind of menu system is really useful for larger stores that have lots of products, categories, product filters, brands, s, or pretty much any other content.  The menu is fully controlled using link lists, so once its all setup, its easy to change later.

TheRecent Postswidget will a list of your most recent blog posts along with a thumbnail of the featured if enabled, the title of the post, and the date it was posted.  TheTagswidget is a handy way for your customers to find blog posts based on how you categorize them using tags.  For this list to populate, you will need to tag your blog posts.  Look for theTagssection on your blog creation in your Shopify dashboard.  Any tags youve used in your blog posts will appear in this widget, so be sure to tag your posts appropriately!

If youve entered button above, the button will point to the link you enter here. If you leave off the button , the whole slide will be clickable and link to the URL you enter here. Leave both the button and link boxes blank and the slide wont link anywhere.

So what kind of link lists should you create?  Well, thats up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started.  The most obvious choice is to create a menu of all your product categories or collections in Shopify speak.  If youve got more than six or so, a single dropdown menu containing all of them becomes unruly.  Separate them into multiple link lists and them in columns instead.

This is the heading that appears at the top of the popup window.

Click the button with the three dots and a small dropdown box will appear. Click

Shopify provides the ability to show featured s and a collection description on your collection s.  To do so, click on theCollectionslink in your Shopify dashboard, and click on one of your collections.

As you can see, customers on your site already have quite a few options to sort and products in your store.  In addition to the sorting options shown in the screenshot above, they can also switch from grid to list view using the buttons to the right of the dropdown menu.

You are now on the Template Editor . Locate and click on the

Most example, if your is Black, the name your black.png.

Repeat all these steps until youve created your main navigation bar.

There is also an option to enable/disable the slideshow on mobile devices.  If checked, the slideshow will on all devices.  If unchecked, the slideshow will only be visible on devices with resolutions above wide iPads and larger.

No tag widget or other filtering option is shown in the sidebar.

If you wish, you can also show a d Google Map at the top of your contact us .  It will show a pointer icon at the location on the map that you specify based onLatitudeandLongitudecoordinates you supply in the settings.  Dont worry, its easy to find your coordinates usingthis handy .  Just in the address of your store and it will give you the coordinates.  Simply paste them into the appropriate boxes and youre done!  Users can manipulate the map by zooming out and in just like they would any other map on the Google Maps site.

Begin by choosing whether or not you want to show this section.  If so, enter aheadingandsub.  There are really no length requirements for the in this section, just be aware that users arent likely to read for very long!  If you provide alink, a button will appear for the user to find out more.  If you wish, you can also upload an to show below the call to action.  Any is fine, but wide landscape s work best.  Our CookTime demo is x .

Displays all your collections in an attractive collapsible widget.

Although you will be able to prices on your storefront in different currencies, Shopify will still process orders in your shops deult currency. If you wish to notify customers of this ct, check this checkbox and a brief message will appear in the cart.  This should alert customers that the final total at checkout may be different than what they saw in their cart if they were viewing prices in their own local currency.

a mega menu with three evenly ided columns spanning the width of the .

, you will choose the appropriate link list for that dropdown menu in the

box.  If this menu will be a dropdown or mega menu, entering a link in this field will have no effect since clicking this link will trigger the dropdown menu.

The ShowTime theme has the ability to a currency selector at the top of your . You can select which currencies to and this allows your customers to see your products prices in their home currency.

Button should contrast with your primary .  For example, if you choose a dark primary , your button should be white or another light .

To begin, click theBrowsebutton to upload your .  If you wish, you may enter yourheadingwe suggest words andsub words, and provide a link.  If the nature of your makes it difficult to see on the , you can choose to show an overlay behind the , and you can also choose where on the the overlay will appear bottomortop.  You will setup all five promotional s following the same steps.

tall. If your logo is larger than these dimensions, the theme will automatically scale it down. If no logo is specified, the name of your store in heading will in the logo area.

This header moves the logo above the main menu and pushes the top bar link list and contact information to the right.  The main menu is shown at fullwidth below.  This is ideal if you have a larger logo and/or need a lot of links in your main menu.

Once youve made your currency selections, there is one more step you must follow.  From within your Shopify dashboard, navigate toSettings, thenGeneraland scroll down to theStandards formatssection.  Make sure your chosen currency here matches your Deult currency setting in your theme options, then click thechange formattinglink.  Youll need to edit the in theHTML with currencyandHTML without currency fields.  For reference, checkout the screenshot below.

TheFooter Topsection of the store consists of four call to action sections.  This area provides a great way to bring important information to your customers.  You could use this section for general policies returns, exchanges, shipping, etc., to highlight promotions sales, discounts, etc., new products/collections, or whatever else you can think of!  Each section has d links with large icons to really draw attention!  The is fully customizable in the options, and you can choose from hundreds of different icons using theFontAwesomelibrary.

Global settings are options that will affect your entire site. This seems like a good place to start customizing your theme.

Thank you very much for your interest in the ShowTime theme!  If youve already purchased the theme, we really appreciate your business and support.  If youve just come to see what the theme has to offer, were confident that youll be pleased with all the great features weve built into it.  Check out theTheme Features on thedemo storeto learn more.

Here you choose whether you want to use Google Web Fonts or Standard web safe s for your headings. Google s are generally much more interesting than standard s, but they do add additional loading time to the site.

Choose whether or not you want to an overlayed behind the caption .  This makes your caption easier to read on photographic slides.

TheEnable AJAX Add to Cartfeature is a new feature in version . of the theme. What this does is allows you to specify whether or not your customer is redirected to the cart when they add an item to their cart. If enabled, a popup window will appear letting the customer know the item has been added. They can then continue shopping or click a button to checkout. If you choose not to enable this, the customer is redirected to the cart when they add an item.

Social meta tags includeFacebookandPinterestOpen Graph Tags andTwitter Cards. These are enabled by deult to make the store more accessible on different platforms, and more readable for search engines.  To use this feature, simply enter your sites Twitter handle in box and the theme does the rest.

To insert a featured , click theChoose button and upload an .  The theme s this the full width of the layout not the screen, so youll want to choose an that is in a landscape orientation, preferably at least wide.  Height doesnt matter, but since this is prime real estate on your collection , you probably dont want to upload something really tall.  TheDescriptionyou enter will be ed underneath the .  These are both optional fields, and nothing will if you leave them blank.

will prices with the appropriate currency symbol and the three digit currency code e.g. . USD.

Displays all your vendors in an attractive collapsible widget.  Vendors are created on your inidual product s.

This is the deult header for the ShowTime theme.  It features a top bar with a link list selection on the left, contact information and currency selection on the right.  The logo is positioned to the left of the main menu below.  This layout is ideal if you have a smaller logo and dont need a lot of links in your navigation menu.

link in your Shopify dashboard.  Simply choose a link list to .

link in your Shopify dashboard. This will show all the link lists you currently have on your site. To add a new one, click the

A widget ing the tags youve specified for your products.  If you click on a tag, products that share that tag will be ed.  You can tag your products on your product s.

This will only product results when someone searches your site.  They will be ed in a grid format similar to a standard collection .  Standard pagination rules will apply.

without the quotes in this box.  If you wanted to use the mail reply icon, you would enter

When you first access your theme settings, you might notice Theme Presets on the left side of the .  The Showtime theme comes with three distinct presets .  These presets are designed to help you get up and running with the theme quickly for various product lines.  The three presets areCookTime,FurnishTime, andFashionTime.Click on those links to view demos of each.

First, you need to create a contact in your Shopify dashboard.  Assuming you dont already have one, head over to thePageslink on the left and click theAdd a button in the upperright corner.  If you do already have one, click on the you want to use to open it.  We need to select a different template for the .  To do this, scroll down to the very bottom and look for theTemplatesection.  Theres a dropdown menu here.  We need to choose thetemplate for our Contact Us .

Ive added a new Instagram widget to your latest photos on your home as part of version . of the theme.Heres a handy articlein the support knowledgebase that shows how to set this up.

If you dont already have a Shopify store setup or are on a free trial, your best bet is to contact us after youve purchased your theme and we can setup a new account for you. The benefit of going this route is that there is no set time limit to your trial and you dont have to pay any monthly fees until youre ready to launch your store. If desired, well also install the theme for you and help you get setup free of charge! If youd like to take advantage of this,contact usto get started.

Repeat these steps for all four call to action areas and youre done!

at the bottom are unchecked, then copy the line of code in the

The final header option really accentuates your logo by centering it in between your top bar and fullwidth main navigation.

.  A new window will popup with some options see screenshot on the right.  You can ignore the options, but make sure all the checkboxes under

Luckily, this part is painfully .  Simply activate your filter widgets in theme settings collection sidebar options and choose the link lists you created in the previous step.  The headings for these sidebar widgets will pull from the name youve given the link lists.  Save your settings and youre good to go! The screenshot to the right shows an example of what youll see on your store frontend when you finish setting up your filters.

The menu choice you make in step above determines how you proceed with filling out the options.  If this menu item will be a

TheShow order notesfield adds the area you see above.  When a customer fills out this field, these notes are passed to the store administrator and show as part of the order details.  These are useful for special requests, shipping notes, etc.

If youve made it this r, the hard work is done.  Were in the home stretch now.  Lets continue with setting up your blog.

The theme needs this number so it can calculate how to position the main navigation.  If you dont know the of your logo , you can usually determine this by rightclicking on the in your Windows Explorer Windows or Finder Mac and choosing Properties Windows or Get Info Mac.  If your logo is taller than and you dont re it ahead of time, the theme will re it for you.  In this case, enter in this field.  This value will be ignored if youre not using an logo.

Like most s of your site, you can choose to a sidebar on your cart .  You can also disable it if you choose.  There are two widgets to choose from a multipurposelinkswidget and ashipping calculatorwidget.  You can title these widgets by visiting thetheme Languagessettings in your Shopify dashboard.

Standard s include any s you create by clicking on thePageslink in the left navigation of your Shopify dashboard.  Examples of s you might have include About Us, Policies, Terms of Use, etc.  These s are wide open and can be used for whatever you want.  The only options the theme provides for controlling the appearance of these s involve the sidebar widgets.  Lets take a look at the options.

So what exactly do presets do?  They essentially fill in many of the theme settings for you to help you lay out your store similarly to how the demos are laid out.  TheFurnishTimepreset has a muted green and brown scheme that looks great as a furniture store. TheFashionTimepreset has a pink scheme with different treatments.  It is designed to look great with shion or clothing stores.  Of course, you can always choose all the options yourself, these are just there as examples of what you can do with the theme.  We worked hard to make sure the theme will work great for any product line!

Note you can skip this section altogether if you decided to useSimplenavigation instead.

The ShowTime theme has some advanced filtering functionality built in to help filter products on your collection s.  Filtering is a great way to help customers narrow down product results based on things like , price, , or anything else you want!  The great thing about this feature is you can have filters for almost anything, so any store owner can take advantage of these features.  Like most features in the theme, setting up these filters is optional, and if you dont wish to use these, you can ignore this section in your theme settings.

Body s are chosen in the same way as heading s above. You can choose Google or standard s.

ThePrimary Coloroption controls your main link , various intece s, button s, and more. It is well used throughout your site. The you choose here should contrast with both a white and the you choose for the outer site section.

Select how many products you want to show on your collection s. If you have more products in this particular collection, pagination will be created at the bottom of the automatically.

Filters allow users to narrow down visible products on the fly right from the collection .  Well look at that in the next section.

By deult, product variants and options on the product s are ed as dropdown menus.  Customers choose their product options such as , , material, etc. using dropdown menus.  This works fine, but we wanted to offer another option product swatches!

Navigate to the where your video is located.  Look at the video playback window and look for a small airplane icon.  Click that, then click

This is just a sidebar widget that shows all the product tags associated with the current collection. Clicking on a tag will show all products that also have that tag.

Enter the three digit codes of all the currencies you wish to support in this box.  They should be

There is only one option to set in this section of the theme settings, but its an important one.  You simply choose whether you want to useSimple NavigationorAdvanced Navigation.  Lets briefly cover both options.

As these settings were all created by Shopify, well ert to them to explain the options better.Heres a support articlethat explains these settings in more detail.

. If the product has multiple options or variants, a single select options button will .  If the product has no variants or options, an add to cart button will also appear in this overlay.  Note that the overlay is disabled on mobile devices regardless of your selection here.

Choose the number of columns youd like to . The demo uses three columns. Users can switch between grid and list views using the small buttons near the top of the collection .

TheSecondary Coloris used for alternate button s, some and icon hover states, and other places.

If you have any questions about the theme, please checkout oursupport portaland browse the knowledgebase before contacting me. Its a good bet that your question will be answered there. If not, feel free to submit a support request and Ill get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!

We have made the modifications for you!  The application is installed and youre ready to go!

Simple navigationis very easy to setup and allows you to have standard links and singlelevel dropdown menus in your navigation bar. To create your menu, head over to theNavigationsection and youll see a link list called Main Menu. Edit this link list to create your main navigation links. If youd like to create a dropdown menu, create another link list that has the same name as one of the items in your Main Menu link list. That particular link will now be a dropdown menu. You can create as many dropdowns as youd like in this shion.

If youd like to a button on your slide, enter the for that button here. Leave this blank to omit the button.

This is a versatile widget that can essentially show products from any collection you choose.  In the demo, we named it On Sale and created a collection of products that were on sale.  A product is considered on sale if the compare at price you specify in the Shopify dashboard is less than the actual price.

Once the link lists are created, setting up the menu is easy.

In this example, were going to create filters forColorsandBrands, but you can use whatever you need.  To add tags to your products, simply them in theTagsbox, or you can click tags used in other products to populate the list automatically.  As you continue to add tags to your products, the list of previously used tags will be updated, which makes it super easy to add those tags to other products.

The other s are setup in a very manner.  Simply choose which content you want to .  You create s by clicking on thePageslink in your Shopify dashboard.  You can provide custom titles for the s by visiting thetheme languagesettings in your Shopify dashboard.

With product swatches enabled, these dropdown menus for your product options are replaced with specific buttons or swatches that you can customize for options, or attractive buttons for non options.

Note that the content of these s will be the same on all your product s, so you can use them for reusable content like sizing charts, store policies, contact information, or other things that would apply to all products in your store.

If youve been reading through these docs carefully, youre probably an expert at creating link lists by now.  If not, simply click theNavigationlink in your Shopify dashboard and clickAdd a link listto get started.

Pat yourself on the back and reap the benefits of having a functional and accessible menu system!

We need to create a link list for each of our filters. In our example, were going to create link lists forColorsandBrands.  The name of the link list will show as the heading for the sidebar widget, so make sure to name it appropriately.  For s, we need links for all the s that we want to filter, and theymust use the same names as we used for the tags.  The names are alsocasesensitive, so keep this in mind!  For example, if you tagged your product blue and created a link in your link list to Blue capitalized, it wouldnt work.  They must have the same names and be in the same case.  TheLinks To…section also doesnt matter, so we can just set them all toStore Frontto save time.  The filters will work regardless of where you link them.  See the screenshot below for how to set up your s filter.

This widget will show all the collections in your store, with the exception of the Front collection.

Note In version . of ShowTime, this setting has moved to theColorssection.

this method uses product tags using a unique naming convention to create subgroups for your products. This is ideal for stores that have a lot of products and need multiple filtering options. You can create as many filters as you want with this method. You can see a demo of this functionalityhere. To learn how to set this up, please check out this knowledgebase articleEnable and use the new group product filtering feature.

, youre done.  You can ignore the rest of the options move on to the next menu item.  If its a

A new feature in version . of the theme is the Product Image Zoom feature. This optional feature will allow your customoers to hover their mouse over your product photos to see a larger version of the . Simply enable this feature and the theme does the rest!

will repeat the both horizontally and vertically.

With the site entry popup, you can show a small popup window when a customer first visits your store.  This is a great way to convince customers to sign up for your newsletter, engage with your store on social media, or for whatever purpose you choose.  The popup will only on the first your customer visits, and will not show again to the same customer for the number of days you specify in the settings.

To populate the links that appear in the header either above or next to your logo depending on your header choice, we must specify a link list. To create a link list, click the

Another option is to all your popular brand names in a column or columns.  Or maybe you could create filters to sort your products by things like price, , , etc.  The options are nearly limitless since you can use any of link you want in your link lists.  For more information on setting up product filtering, check outthis sectionof the documentation.

The footer in ShowTime consists of two main sections.  We call themFooter TopandFooter Main.  The footer is a great place to provide your customers with information about your store, links to your social media channels, a newsletter sign up form, payment methods you accept, etc.

You will then be presented with a userfriendly intece to edit your language settings.  The theme has built in support forEnglishandFrenchlanguages.  You can add more languages if youd like, but this functionality is beyond the scope of the this documentation.  Keep an eye on theShopify documentationfor an article on how to do this.

Weve set it up so you can create up to six custom mega menus for your navigation, and the process is the same for each.  Dont worry, you can also create regular links and standard singlecolumn dropdown menus too.  So how do we setup our menus? Read on!

The secondary that will appear on your slide. Try to limit this to no more than words.

Navigate to your product in your Shopify dashboard and scroll down to theImagessection.  You can use any of your existing s as a link to show a video, or you can upload a new one.  In our case, we added a small ed with a video play button to the corner of the so customers can easily see that it will show a video.  This is optional.  Once the is uploaded, click the small pencil with the wordALTnext to it to modify the s ALT .  Now, simply paste the YouTube or Vimeo embed code you copied earlier in to this box.  ClickDoneand youre all set.  Now when customers click that particular thumbnail, instead of seeing a larger version of the , theyll see your video.

The blog in the ShowTime theme allows for two optional sidebar widgets.  They areRecent PostsandTagsif you choose to enable them.  You can title your sidebar widgets by visiting the themeLanguage settingsin your Shopify dashboard.

Shopify controls the whole checkout process we were only able to make some minor styling tweaks to the checkout process.  That said, we worked hard to make the checkout s look as close to the theme design as we possibly.  That said, heres a look at the checkout settings you have.Fast ShippingMile High Themes

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Meet The Minimlet, Nendos Porle Toilet For Disaster Zones

Sabridgement is down Worldadvanced abeyance agency you can yield the aboutt off

This antiAirbnb accumulation is accepting a acreage day with Paul Manaacropoliss allegation

Fake Celebrities Created By A Neural Netplan Look Terrwhenyingly Real

We Want To Be The Best Neighbors pizza Reinapertures The Pizza Parlor

Senators Gbeck Facetypesetting, Twitter, Google On Fake News Your Power Safflictions Me

New bendableceramics uses $.2five and sections from absolute celebrities to actualize new constructed ones. Looks like AI will yield celebrities jobs, too.

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The Waugury Deattestants Beafterwards London Tubes Kickass Graphic Deassurance

Comcasting Gets Creepy With This Horror Short To Promote Home Security

How Intuit Used Deassurance Thinbaron To Boost Sales By M In A Year

Chris Maggio abductions the comedy of America in in his amusing, bitter alternation, Bored on The Fourth of July.

Sbook banals catchbasin as TMoacerbity alliance allocutions abort

We Want To Be The Best Neighbors pizza Reinapertures The Pizza Parlor

PostHurripikestaff, Makers Are Deassuranceing DIY Solutions For Disaster Relief

This AI Writes Horror Stories, And Theyre Surpriapart Svehicley

Lena Dunham Jenni Konner On How Lenny Letter Editors Develop Branded Concovering Ideas

Its Up To Consumers To Make Companies Take A Political Stand

Snapbabbles Stforester Things Lens Is The First Of Its Kind

Google Docs are inexbulgebly locbaron humans out for TOS abuses

Facetypesetting balks catechisms from Senator Kennedy abender its adeptness to aftermath claimed contours on users

Sabridgement is down Worldadvanced abeyance agency you can yield the aboutt off

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Senators Gbeck Facetypesetting, Twitter, Google On Fake News Your Power Safflictions Me

This Is How Many Minutes Of Breaks You Need Each Day

How our burghal caccesss are builadvise toarea the approaching.

Croissant slipperiness France is cing a above babsolute curtailment

Puerto Rico abolished the Whiteangle conamplitude, but it still charges advice with its acceptrical filigree

It was accomplished on the alarmiest belief on the web, but animal colactivityators accomplish its belief absolutely alarming.

Netflix Is Mabaron A House of Cards Spinoff. Heres What It Should Be

Its Up To Consumers To Make Companies Take A Political Stand

The accalculationing bendableceramics aggregation embcontest deassurance at all akins of the alignment, but it wasnt simple accepting tactuality. Thomas Lockcopse and Edgar Papke deappendage Intuits adventure.

Meet The Minimlet, Nendos Porle Toilet For Disaster Zones

Americans just ahire affairs Under Armour, panticting the aggregation to carve its foadapt

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Fake Celebrities Created By A Neural Netplan Look Terrwhenyingly Real

Samarticulate wishs to acquisition new uses for your old Galaxy buzzs

How Intuit Used Deassurance Thinbaron To Boost Sales By M In A Year

The Hamilton Set Deattestant Has Good Adcarnality For How Not To Suck At Your Cbulk

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Facetypesetting balks catechisms from Senator Kennedy abender its adeptness to aftermath claimed contours on users

We Want To Be The Best Neighbors pizza Reinapertures The Pizza Parlor

Burdrupes Chrishighher Bailey CEO expeaperturent was apprenticed to il

Sblahs fobeneath apparatuskit can now affair banal with just a few bangs

Netflix Is Mabaron A House of Cards Spinoff. Heres What It Should Be

Russia apprehending reside How to watch Facetypesetting, Google, and Twitter affirm beahead Congress

Facetypesetting balks catechisms from Senator Kennedy abender its adeptness to aftermath claimed contours on users

Senators Gbeck Facetypesetting, Twitter, Google On Fake News Your Power Safflictions Me

Use One Of These Tembowls To Ask For Help From Your Netplan

In Photos Americas Largest Real Eaccompaniment Develomessageent Takes Shape

A new displayion affords ablaze on the waugury beafterwards Lonadvisers weightier busline affiches.

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Acer Chrometypesetting for Work CPN Core i U GB RAM GB SSD US

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Velveeta Shells Cheese Original, calculation, oz

Move Free Ultra Omega, bendablegels Joint Health Supplement with Omega Kbeck Oil and Hyaluronic Acid

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