Hair by MoseHair Straightenerss

Hair by MoseHair StraightenerssWith the short haircut and , you will be able to transform the way you look!

Hairdreamshair is presented in a massive selection of normal s delicate natural browns to dazzling red shades and an extensive choice of blonde tones to forcefully wild trend s.learn more!

Signature styling oil is infused with pure argan, pistachio and jasmine oils. Lightweight adds shine, reduces the frizz, repairs split ends, and improves hair condition and manageability all white protecting hair from UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, argan oil, Mediterranean cypress extract, and natural keratin. Repairs damaged hair by penetrating the roots to fortify and strengthen the cuticle from inside out while stimulating scalp and reducing split ends.

Full service hair salon, with a luxury, trendy environment in Bethesda., MD

This amazing styling product is enriched with dead sea minerals, pure keratin, vitamin E and natural extracts providing beautiful, glamorous shine while maintaining a natural soft look.

Moses Products Featured in Star magazine, New Beauty Magazine and other publications …..learn more!

Formula infused with authentic natural oil, pure flower extract, argan oil, pure keratin, bio restorative complex and much more. Nourishes and strengthens the hair cuticle from the inside out. Dermatologist tested formula, without paraben, sultes and keratin treatment safe.

Hairdreams Hair is known for its healthy shine, vivid s and ordinary bounce and elasticity

Why not pamper yourself before your big day, and look as rejuvenated as you do beautiful?

HairdreamsHair Designs encounter the top specialized standards with their innovative bondings. The Hairdreams customary of excellence and high superiority is obvious in the hair quality as well as in the astonishing quality of bondings and strand s. At the beginning of each Hairdreams extensions, there is a consultation with Moses which the details such as hair , length and ure are determined.learn more!

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Signature line Hair Mask nourished your hair, infused with authentic argan oil, pistachio extracts, jojoba oil, while providing antioxidants protection for damaged and dry hair. Restores overworked hair by deeply moisturizing and improving elasticity, protecting against further hair stress.

Infused with almond oil, jojoba oil and natural keratin, this c cream adds luster, anti frizz, moisturizes and provides natural UV protection. Use a combination of these products for your hair and always feel beautiful and well groomed.

The Brazilian keratin treatment is ideal for folks with very cy hair. Japanese keratin streamlines your and unlike other keratin which washes out over time, Japanese treatment stays longer.learn more!

You can consult master hair stylist, Moses, about getting your hair

Moses will design a haircut that is catered to your inidual features and life .

With more than years of professional experience, Moses is a master stylist and specialist that offers services in various cities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Being the creative force hes been in this world has earned him respect and acclaim from fellow stylists and critics alike. He has proven to have tremendous in hair art and has also kept a tight grasp on his evergrowing clientele…..

After a consultation, including questions about Houks life and an assessment of her ce shape and eye , Moses started by dyeing …..learn more!

Hair by MosesHair Salon Website Design and MarketingbyD Graphic Studio

Enriched with pure keratin extract and natural minerals. Helps protect cuticles from thermal damage while fighting friziness, flyways and wiry grays. Detangles, restores elasticity and adding moisture that makes hair shine.

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Hair loss comes from genetic, medical and physical causes. To deal with your hair loss, you need guidance from somebody who has assisted customers with all these circumstances and who has a variety of treatments. Moses provides full nonsurgical hair loss treatment, replacement and restoration within Metropolitan DC area.learn more!

Brazilian Hair Straightening/Keratin Complex Hair Therapy

Moses is a certified Hair Extensions Specialist

Moses has been a leader in creating personal looks and ….

Moses AntiAging Hair Care System Signature Gold Line Package

Fountain of Youth for Hair Reawakens your hair to be glossy and healthy. These Rejuvenating products combine healing oil and extracts that are centuries old with modern high performance technology to reinforce the inner strength of each strand and undo the damage of time.learn more!

This versatile sculpting lotion delivers medium hold, long lasting ure smoothing hair suce and minimizes flyways. Natural wheat extract helps condition the hair and control static.

Moses offers free consultation prior to the treatment the He will apply any keratin hair straightening product of your choice to your hair which eliminates of frizz and cs from your hair. No matter what your hair is, you can use this treatment to thoroughly improve your hair. The process takes about to minutes, depending on your hairs length. With this treatment there is no need to straighten you hair every day.learn more!

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