RighdverbedEnsure seamless collaboration amongst project teams spread across the globe

The next step, continues Harper, is to extend the benefits of SDWAN to larger GHD offices. Well be migrating larger offices next, and we expect to see cost benefits of more than a million a year.

Positively impacted culture by providing access to all of GHD systems regardless of location

Harper says the successful delivery of the SteelConnect project has invigorated the IT team, and that GHD is enthused about the possibilities of a modern, softwaredefined network. There is an opportunity for GHD to differentiate itself with new s of services, she says. We want to be seen as a leader in client services in our industry, supporting projects around the world. New technologies will be an enabler for us, allowing us to do more with less.

Achieve rapid deployment of branch networking solutions at a lower cost

They needed a , costeffective solution to enable the rapid deployment of those new sites onto the companys network. Riverbed SteelConnect has helped GHD achieve this, fueling stronger collaboration amongst its project teams spread across the globe, business agility and cost savings of an anticipated USD million a year.

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Harper says the rollout was completed to schedule and describes the results as phenomenal.

Reduced management, maintenance and telephony costs anticipate saving up to of global telecommunications costs over the medium term, and USD million a year once solution is rolled out globally

SteelConnect /

Simplified global collaboration, improving project delivery

To me, ensuring that all our people regardless of location can do their jobs every day and have the tools they need to be successful is absolutely critical, says Elizabeth Harper, CIO, GHD.

The deployment was almost zero touch, she explains. What SteelConnect allows us to do is to preconfigure a device using a cloud portal before delivering it to the physical site. This means that a nonIT person at the small office can follow instructions, plug the device in and have everything up and running in minutes instead of days.

Harper estimates that if GHD had chosen a traditional networking approach, the project would have taken at least three months to complete. Using the Riverbed SteelConnect solution, the timeframe was four weeks. This has dramatically reduced the cost of implementation in sites that are geographically dispersed across the US and Canada.

In , GHD merged with Canadian engineering consultancy ConestogaRovers Associates CRA, inheriting , new employees. Of the new offices they had to integrate into the wider GHD business, were small and remote sites of less than employees each. Larger offices were brought on to the GHD network through more traditional approaches a process that would take a full year to complete but these smaller offices, which are typically set up to be close to a client, had to be brought on more quickly. GHD was looking for a costeffective solution to provision these sites, and it needed to be both easy to deploy and to maintain given the limited amount of IT resources at the locations.

GHD, a leader in engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services, has a complex IT landscape which spans more than countries, , employees, leverages , business and technical applications, and includes GHDs own private cloud.

IT and the use of emerging technology are foundational to how GHD delivers successfully to its clients. In addition to leveraging more than , business and technical applications many of which are data and bandwidth intensive design tools GHD hosts its own cloud to support ongoing client needs. It is an effective but complex environment that powers the collaboration of global project teams as well as client engagement.

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We simply dont have as close of a relationship with other vendors as we do with Riverbed, says Gerry Holmes, Director of Information Technology, Canadian Cancer Society. The Riverbed Customer Network is a big part of the reason why weve been able to maintain that connection.

SteelConnect, says Harper, delivers the necessary agility for a growing business, and helps the company deliver a significant competitive advantage. In the six years Ive been here weve bought companies into GHD. We see SteelConnect as a key enabler in being able to integrate newer organizations more quickly.

GHD has been on a journey with Riverbed going back six years, and has already had success implementing key parts of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform across their global business. They useRiverbed SteelHeadto optimize network traffic and accelerate delivery and peak performance of applications;Riverbed SteelCentralfor endtoend visibility across networks, applications and enduser experience; andRiverbed SteelFusionto simplify the management of branch office IT operations.

GHD deployed Riverbeds SDWAN solution SteelConnect across new offices in just four weeks, and we anticipate saving million annually.

Reduce time and cost to maintain small office networking solutions

When it came time to explore an SDWAN solution, Harper and her team evaluated several options. We did a really thorough assessment of the space, and Riverbed SteelConnect just ticked all the boxes a very low, almost zerotouch deployment, easy to stand up, low levels of ongoing maintenance and support and cost savings, says Harper.

Not only does this simplify sharing and collaboration, but we anticipate saving around of our global telecommunications costs over the medium term.

GHD has a longstanding relationship with Riverbed their technology does what it says its going to do. Over time, weve replaced a lot of competitors equipment with Riverbed solutions, explains Harper. The team has really listened to us, and as a result, theyve enabled us to create a network environment for GHD that truly performs and helps us meet client expectations.

Provide employees at new small sites with access to GHDs complex network of applications, services and cloud environment

The result is a business that is more connected, with a more consistent network experience. Weve connected smaller offices in a way theyve never experienced before, she says. For the first time, end users have access to the full raft of our business services just as though they were in a large office and they really feel like theyre part of the same organization. This has made a tremendous cultural impact.

Zerotouch, rapid deployment of small offices onto GHDs network, resulting in greater business agility and costsavings

GHD is one of the worlds leading professional services companies operating in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation. It provides engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services to private and public sector clients. GHD employs more than , people in offices to deliver projects across the entire asset project lifecyclefrom planning to designing, sustaining, enhancing and retiring assets.

One of the most obvious changes of the upgrade is VOIP as standard, with all the benefits of a unified communication structure, says Harper. Not only does this simplify sharing and collaboration, but we anticipate saving around of our global telecommunications costs over the medium term.

When global professional services company GHD merged with North American engineering consultancy ConestogaRovers and Associates CRA, it added more than , employees in offices, including small sites.

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