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ghdEcho GHDWanted to buy the full GHD setup but were really trying to keep the garage space for a second car during the winter months. I had built my own box a couple years ago and bought the GHD pad and rollers for our RW fold out rack. It works great and is easy to put out of the way. I already needed space for my box so it doesnt take up really any more room by adding the pad to the top of it.

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I have been using this GHD for months now and it has become a great addition to my mostly Rogue garage gym. The pad is very well made and the stitching seems to be holding up great with no signs of wear. The thing I like about most is the ability to store the pad up on a shelf in my garage out of the way and the roller assembly and silizer attached to the backside of my R rack, also out of the way. I would not be able to store a traditional GHD machine in my garage. Everything, like ALL Rogue products, is very well made and super durable. I highly recommend this GHD, especially if you are short on space and still want a FULLY functional GHD machine.

*See theThe x Infinity Version of the Rogue Echo GHD.

*Also Check out our full line of Rogue GHDsHere

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Important The foot roller assembly is currently only compatible with our Monster Lite Series uprights, or The Strip®. Do not attempt to mount the roller on any other of upright.

I bought the entire GHD system pad, rollers, silizer bar, box, and The Strip. Everything is of very high quality. The pad is very comforle even when youre suffering during a workout. If youre installing this onto studs, its a little involved. However, You can do it in a couple of hours. Overall, Im very impressed. Its a lot of money, and a decent amount of time to install the ghd, but I think its worth it. You can tell that its not cheaply made.

This is a solid product and great addition to my garage gym. I used stringers to mount a strip on drywall wood studs and it is bomb proof. The wall attachment is a pain to adjust but it works. I built a box for it on rubber flooring and it doesnt move at all. I wish I had purchased the higher model ghd after using it for a while but I saved a ton of cash with this. Great quality.

The Echo GHD comes standard with a x vinyl GHD pad and a durable foot roller assembly, with the option to add aRogue Games Boxand/or an Echo GHD Silizer Kit* to your order. For setup, simply strap the GHD pad to the Games Box or an existing plyo box, and mount the roller to anyx Rogue Monster Lite uprightwe suggest a rig or rack thats securely stened to the floor. A convenient detent pin is used to mount the foot roller, it easy to adjust the for different users or exercises.

This box ships unassembled. Assembly is required.

I ordered this for our gym in Kabul as couldnt find anywhere that would ship a fullframe GHD for obvious reasons. I was sceptical that it would be as good. I should have known! I have never been disappointed with a piece of Rogue equipment. This is easy to set up, extremely sturdy weve had people from lbs on it, and very durable. Absolutely love it and would recommend to anyone. For different athletes we simply marked the floor with where to position the box. Great service, delivery and quality as always.

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Includes Pad, Roller Assembly, and Flat Pack Games Box

Bottom of Pad features heavyduty oz vinyl with nonslip grabber bric for greater sility

At long last, a quality Glute Ham Developer for the rest of us. Rogues Echo GHD is a completely new take on this machineusing a little DIY resourcefulness to give athletes and gym owners a more affordable, spaceefficient alternative to the traditional freestanding unit. This x version of the Echo GHD is compatibleexclusively with ourMonster Lite Series Rigs and Racks.ForInfinityowners, aRogue x Echo GHDis also available.

Echo GHD Pad Length , Width , Height Also Available to Order Separately

Set of Durable Straps with seatbelt webbing and nonslip grabber bric

Many athletes already know the benefits of GHD training from building stronger glutes and hamstrings to promoting midline sility, powerful abdominal muscle recruitment, and the safe, active development of the spinal erectors. The challenge was always budgeting for the machine or finding room for it in a garage gym. The x Echo GHD destroys those obstacles with a budget price, easy setup and storage, reliable American craftsmanship, and a performance level to rival most freestanding machines. If youve wanted a genuine GHD in your gym, there are no further excuses.

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Has held up well over the last few years. I used to stack weights in front of it to keep from slipping with GH raises. Now added a strap and works great. In retrospect, should have bought a real GHD but that was my ult.

For added security, both the underside of the GHD pad and the webbing of the seatbelt straps feature a nonslip, grabber bric that helps prevent unwanted movement or sliding of the unit on a slick floor.

*By adding the optional Echo GHD Silizer Kit to an order, you will have an additional method for reducing any unwanted movement or rocking of the Echo GHD during use. The adjusle kit can be mounted to any Monster Lite upright, or to a wall using the Rogue mounting accessory The Strip®. There are adjustment settings on center, but the angle at which you set up the kit can allow for many more custom adjustments. A detent pin is included.

Saves space. A little bit of a pain to set up.

I am using this GHD with the mount on the x strip on a brick wall. The leather quality and the firmness of the foam inside is very rugged. Identical to the Rogue free standing GHD. It definitely moves forward if you go hard and use momentum. I recommend the silizer arm.

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A GHD was the one much needed addition to my home gym. Having installed the Rogue folding rack, I saw that the Matador dip attachment provides a perfectly sle, level shelf. Mounted at it lines up with my Plyo box, allowing me to set the Echo GHD right on top strapped to a / piece of plywood. The only problem was when mounted to the rack, it took more room than I wanted for my small gym space. Add the Strip on the wall and problem solved! clamps tighten everything up, plenty sle for my lb. self.

Echo GHD Adjusle Roller Assembly Compatible ONLY with Monster Lite Uprights, orThe Strip®

Applications Glute/Ham Raises, Hip Extension, Back Extension, GHD SitUps, Russian Twists, and much more

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